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Back, Neck, Spine and Head Injuries

The Law Offices of Kevin J. Dolley, located in St. Louis, Missouri, is a leading boutique personal injury law firm providing highly specialized personal injury counsel in back, neck, spine and head injury cases.  The firm has successfully prosecuted injury cases resulting in six figure and multi-million dollar jury verdicts and settlements.  Mr. Dolley has developed a nationally recognized injury practice.  He has spoken at seminars and conferences on injury topics and how to maintain the highest ethical standards in Missouri personal injury law, including the proper handling of Medicare/Medicaid funds for clients.    

This website was created to detail the firm’s successful track record in back and head injury cases.  A spine or brain injury means that there will be long-term problems and difficulties that must be accounted for as part of any related litigation.  The firm has the needed understanding and ability to analyze medical, vocational rehabilitation, neurological medicine and surgical evidence. 

Advocates for Injury Victims

Mr. Dolley’s experience in evaluating and advocating at trial for injury victims, includes specialized legal counsel in back and head related injury cases.   The firm’s ability to analyze medical-legal issues includes detailed examination of the medical records and evidence and referral for further medical examination and evaluation through medical experts and independent medical evaluations (IME). 


Full Compensation for Head and Back Injuries

Attorney Kevin J. Dolley provides experienced legal counsel for clients who sustained a back or head injury as part of Missouri Workers’ Compensation, car accident or other type of negligernce case.  Mr. Dolley works to ensure back and head injury victims are fully compensated for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, punitive damages and necessary rehabilitation treatment.  Whether the claim is the result of a drunk driver, work mishap, traumatic brain injury (TBI) or truck accident, Mr. Dolley works tirelessly to obtain the necessary compensatory benefits for his clients. 

Experienced Trial Counsel

Mr. Dolley brings his trial experience and understanding to each back injury case that he handles.  Mr. Dolley works tirelessly to obtain compensation for permanent injuries and life changes resulting from a traumatic injury,such as a bulging or rupture disc injury or accident resulting in paraplegia or quadriplegia.

Specialized Legal Counsel in Head, Back, Spine and Neck Injury Cases

Attorney Kevin J. Dolley provides persons who have suffered from a back or head injury with specialized legal counsel.  The firm charges no fee for such cases unless we collect money damages.  Please contact Mr. Dolley directly at 314.645.4100 or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to set up a free injury consultation.  


The Law Offices of Kevin J. Dolley, located in St. Louis, Missouri, represents Missouri workers before the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation. The firm is a boutique law firm dedicated to high quality legal counsel for injured employees. The Missouri Workers’ Compensation system has grown increasingly complex and attorney Kevin J. Dolley offers experienced workers compensation counsel for those injured on-the-job. Missouri Workers’ Compensation insurance companies attempt to deny medical treatment, surgery and disability benefits to injured workers. Many of Mr. Dolley’s clients come to him for legal counsel after attempting to navigate the workers compensation process on their own. With the experienced legal counsel of Mr. Dolley, you are far more likely to obtain the full and complete workers compensation benefits to which you are entitled.